cold hearted lorena

once a soldier's wife

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Lorena was the wife of a Civil War soldier. She is a very lonely and welcomes Bill’s company so much that when he tries to leave, she drains his blood and turns him into a vampire. Because she is his maker, he is forced to stay with her until he’s learned the ways of his new lifestyle.

Bill and Lorena were lovers for around eighty years until Bill got fed up with her and told her he didn't love her anymore. Broken hearted, Lorena released him from being with her and let Bill live a life with out her. Recently she has been brought back into Bill's life when Eric Northman sent her to Texas.


Canon- Goes pretty much with the way the series True Blood, plays out on HBO.

Crack!&& Pop Culture- Mainly total crack from the Mun herself. Has Lorena comment on certain pop culture, and what she thinks about it.

Companion!Verse-Lorena finds a human friend, perhaps lover? and companion in tucker_ian after Bill leaves her alone once more and tells her he never wants to see her again.